How To Water Your Lawn in the Summer

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February 4, 2024

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Lawn Care Tips

Summer is almost here and it’s getting hot outside. Everywhere you go, you see sprinklers watering lawns to keep them hydrated.

The question is: what is the best way to water your lawn in the summer in Northern Virginia?

If you’re wondering how you should water your lawn here in Northern Virginia when it’s scalding hot outside, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about lawn watering best practices.

  • Water at certain times: If possible, the best time to water your lawn is sometime between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. The sun isn’t at full strength to evaporate the water, so the water has a chance to sink into the roots and encourage them to dig deeper, which can lead to a healthier lawn.
  • Water well: Ideally you want to soak the soil 6 inches deep. In Northern Virginia, that generally takes about one inch of water per week (irrigation + rainfall) on average during the growing season. Less when it’s cooler and more when it’s hot! If you want to check how much water is being applied, lay a flat bottom pan or Tupperware in a few places around the yard. Measure the depth of the water on a flat surface and adjust as necessary.

Water infrequently

Frequent, light watering promotes shallow root growth. The deeper the roots grow, the more drought resistant your lawn will be. Only water 3 times (possibly 4-5 times during the summer) per week and allow the soil to dry out in between.

  • Soil type matters: A clay-based soil will stay wetter longer, but sandy soils drain faster and may require more water.
  • Factor in extra watering from Mother Nature: a good downpour may mean you can leave the sprinklers off for a day, so be sure to check the dampness depth of the soil so you can save water on those days.
  • Adjust your settings! The settings needed for early spring are totally different for the middle of summer. You will need to increase and decrease as needed.
  • For newly-seeded or plugged lawn: These lawns do require more water to allow the seeds and plugs to get well established. You should keep the top inch of soil damp, but not muddy, which means you may need to sprinkler in short doses throughout the day so it doesn’t dry out. As the seeds sprout grass, water long enough to get the first two inches of soil damp to encourage the roots to dig deeper. Once the blades get to about three inches long, move to the six- to eight-inch deep watering cycle so that the roots continue to reach ever deeper into the soil. This should help you establish a healthy lawn with a strong root system.
  • If your lawn is well established: Make sure to moisten the soil to about six to eight inches deep. Aim for one inch of water weekly, and be sure to factor rain into the equation. You can either water that one inch all at once, or divide it into a set of ½-inch water applications.

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