At Reliable Lawn Care, we prioritize transparency and convenience in our payment and billing processes to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. To initiate services, we require a credit card to be securely kept on file. We offer two streamlined billing options tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele:

Automatic payments. Add a credit or debit card on file.

  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • Convenient and easy way to pay.
  • No need to write a check.
  • No need to remember to pay an invoice.
  • We take care of it for you.

Two Payment Options.

  1. Standard Invoicing:
    - Recurring Services: For routine services such as Mowing and Lawn Care, charges are conveniently processed each Monday following the completion of services.
    - One-Time Services: For services scheduled on a one-time basis, billing occurs on the day following the service's completion.
  2. Twelve Month Payment Plan (Exclusive to Recurring Maintenance Services):
    - This plan is designed exclusively for clients utilizing our recurring maintenance services, which include:
         1. Mowing
          2. Lawn Care Treatments
    - Enjoy the ease of consistent monthly payments spread evenly across the term of the agreement, with the initial payment due at the    time of signing up.  
    - In the event of early cancellation, clients will be responsible for the

Cancellation Policy

We understand the need for flexibility. As such, clients may cancel their services at any time by contacting us via phone or email. You will only be billed for services that have been previously provided, ensuring a fair and transparent billing practice.