Proper Lawn Mowing Best Practices for a Beautiful Lawn

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February 4, 2024

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Lawn Care Tips

There’s nothing like a freshly mowed lawn. The fresh smell, crisp green grass, and curb appeal it brings is unlike anything else. But when done wrong, the results can be less than aesthetically pleasing.

Put your mower blades too low and the sun could scorch your lawn. Mow in the wrong weather condition and you could put your lawn at risk of disease.

When it comes to lawn care, there are a handful of best practices to follow for better results. In this blog, we share lawn mowing tips that will make your healthy lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Adjusting the Mower Height Properly

For best results, we typically set our mower blades between 3.5 to 4.5 inches and only cut one-third off the top each time we mow. This may result in cutting the grass more often, but longer grass blades can support more roots and help develop a deeper root system, making it easier for those roots to locate water and nutrients in the soil. Longer grass blades also make it harder for weeds to establish themselves in your lawn and give your lawn the appearance of a thick, green carpet.

Conversely, cutting the grass too short, or scalping, forces grass to focus its energy on re-growing blades rather than deepening its roots. This also makes it easier for weeds to push their way through.

Stick with Versatility in Your Mowing Pattern

Have you ever noticed the different patterns in the grass of baseball fields? This variation in mowing patterns is prompted by an effort to boost the turf’s health, and is also common practice because it looks good.

When you constantly mow in the same direction, your grass will start to lean in that direction. Freshening up the pattern will allow your grass to stand tall and straight. Also, mowing in the same pattern will eventually leave ruts in your lawn.

Utilize Leftover Mower Clippings

Resist the urge to rake or collect grass clippings as you mow. They actually act as natural compost and break down quickly, adding nutrients back into your lawn. This only works if your clippings are small and they aren’t in huge clumps. If you’d rather bag your clippings, use them as mulch in your garden or compost them — but only if your grass hasn’t been treated with weed killer.

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